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The Evil Savant

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Writing Great Stories


Six great fantasy and science-fiction stories!
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They can save the world 
from a vengeful paranormal terrorist—but only if they learn the shocking truth about themselves!

If you enjoy Dean Koontz and Stephen King? Then you’ll love The Evil Savant, a blisteringly paced sciene-fiction thriller-love story by C. B. Hampton

Novelist Michael St. James and his wandering brother, Daniel — abandoned as infants in a California orphanage — have grown up with a powerful bond of brotherly love. Michael's peaceful existence as a writer is shattered when beautiful librarian Jessica Simms suddenly arrives from Arkansas to deliver crushing news: Daniel, who for years has wandered the country in an effort to find their true identities, now lies comatose in a rural Arkansas hospital, accused of being an ax murderer. Jessica is certain Daniel is innocent. Drawn together by an inexplicable and irresistible attraction, Michael and Jessica rush to Arkansas where they fall helplessly in love and discover they must face a powerful paranormal terrorist in order to prove Daniel’s innocence and save his life.

Intrigue, deep mystical love, bizarre attempts to murder Michael, plus exciting paranormal fireworks—all make Brothers of the Light a blistering, fast-paced read

30 years of in-depth research in one 288-page volume!

Want to learn the secrets that turn ordinary writers into bestselling authors? Then this is the book for you.

C. B. Hampton spent 30 years researching every aspect of the writer's art and craft. Look at the contents of this book. No other book contains so much detail and with so many examples.

How to structure your story so that it holds your reader from first to last.

• How to professionally construct a scene so it causes the reader to bite his/her nails until they reach the next scene.

• How to choose a generationally "in sync" hero.

• How to motivate your hero so that he can never quit trying to solve the story problem.

• How choose a point of view (POV) for your story and stay in it.

• How to create your story people so they are real, multidimensional characters, not match sticks.

• Everything you always wanted to know about dialogue; how to use it to characterize, to describe, to give information and backstory.

• How, why and when to properly use beats and attribution in dialogue.

• How to properly use description of people and setting without stopping the forward motion of your story.

• How to create real suspense to keep your readers on the edge of their seats. This section is unique. You won't find this anywhere else.

• How to edit your work, after it has been written.

• And many many more insights you won't find in other works.

—and more to come!